about millicent kang

A few years ago I began exploring my creative process as a path to greater personal growth and awareness. At this point, it is my passion. It is an integral part of who I am and aspire to be. I tell people I am having a mid life crisis in paint! As a wife, mom of three kids, volunteer, friend and artist my current challenge is to find balance. To do this, I find that I must continually return inward to hear my true calling and allow it to present itself in my life and work.

Currently I am drawn to vivid color and texture with small etchings in the under painting. It is no surprise to me that my paintings reflect my strong affinity for the natural world. Regardless of subject matter, my goal is to always speak to the best in everyone. I want to influence others to do this as well and demonstrate that we can all step into who we are at any point in our life despite training or expectation.

As I grow as a person and artist, the one element that stays constant is change. Nothing is static. I never consider my pieces “finished.” There is always room for further evolution. It is liberating to collage more, change a paper choice or add some texture to a piece I have had a while, thereby altering its overall feel. My hope is that ultimately each piece conveys gratitude for life and the world in which we live.

My pieces currently range in price from $75 to $3500 not including taxes or shipping. Contact me for prices and information about commissions.


“Escape into a world of vivid color, where fragile newspaper-print birds perch under blooming buds of bliss. A true combination of serenity and raw vivacious whimsy, Boulder-based artist Millicent Kang’s mixed-media pieces are sure to liven up any drab hallway or ivory wall space. As a wife, mother and volunteer, Kang knows the importance of taking a little time to express her inner art goddess. What started as a quest for greater personal awareness has spawned into a beautiful business. Fusing together textured layers of paint, beads, paper, bolts, glass and an array of other found objects, Kang crafts a world of wonder that captures both the beauty of the natural world and the one most of us only tend to see in childhood or our dreams. An eloquent landscaper of lush illumination, she creates those pieces that remind us to give thanks for moments spent under that toasty mountain sun.” — By Kalene McCort for 8z Community Happenings